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When The River Tour 2016 was announced, I flexed my contacts in the concert biz to get a few prime seats to see Bruce Springsteen here in Pittsburgh at CONSOL Energy Center.  Since officially leaving the music business in February 2008, I have found that my alumni status (or “credit for time served,” maybe?) is a good thing to trumpet once in a while, especially when a particularly compelling artist is on his or her way into town.  This is not a privilege I abuse.  And for a few of these incoming attractions I can even wrangle a couple of “comps” (i.e. free tickets, for those of you outside the biz) but with someone of the magnitude of Bruce, of course, it was pay or no way.

I then got the info on ticket prices for this January 16th show, and erupted in a Homer Simpson “DOH!”—with surcharges and everything included, the cost was midway between 0 and 0 per ticket.  But I had no choice, since it’s just not in my makeup to pass up a Bruce show.  Like The Boss intones on one song from The River, “now you can’t walk away from the price you pay.”

If ever a show is worth the price of admission, it’s Bruce.  At the age of 66 he is still spirited and commanding, and with the power & passion of the E Street Band behind him, the shows are an ongoing spectacle of musical brotherhood and unadulterated reverence for rock and roll.  And he continues to be a marathoner—with no opening act, Bruce bounds out, cranks up and unleashes three hours+ of joyous communion.